Survey Drawings, Condition Surveys and 3D Models

I carry out surveys  of  historic buildings, measuring the geometries and mapping the condition and create complete plans, elevations, sections and 3D drawings which can be used to quantify the damage and create a schedule of works , reports and work estimates.

I usually make survey drawings on site then take relative measurements, overall and detail photographs (with measurement references).

The condition survey is a systematic investigation of the building, historic periods and styles in which the building might have been built. Also, materials, building techniques and damage identification,  all this supported by drawings, material samples (where possible) and as mentioned, photographs.



I then start working on AutoCAD in the production of wireframe and coloured condition drawings,  complete with identification legend for hatch and solid colours, highlighting the building pathology and eventual structural defects.



Also, on Photoshop, rectify pictures and create photographic elevations and plans or any presentational graphic work.



Rhino is the program I usually use to draft out 3D structures and generate basic or realistic renders and the important value of this program is to draw with full control.


3D Laser Scans

Nowadays I frequently use point cloud data from 3D scans with the incredible possibility of measuring and visualising the  subject from any position long after you have left the site.


Continually Increasing knowledge

I always try to increase the level of knowledge in history, building techniques architectural styles, building materials in many sorts of ways: Attending courses, Visiting Historic buildings, ruins (which are in many cases more informative then ones still in use) and quarries to further broaden the services I offer


Spare Time

In my spare time I  draw (free-hand), model in clay and carve in stone architectural details and figurative work.